“‘ A certain kind of dazzle’ inhabits Gerrish’s endlessly lovely lines—‘snug like stepping into wool slippers on Sunday morning’—yet also ravishingly lit by spirit, by storm, by magic. ‘October air turning crisp like white transparent apples’ or a father’s voice ‘like soft thunder’—line by line, phrase by phrase, metaphor by metaphor, from girlhood memories to elegy to ancestors’ memories of genocide, Light in Light is one of the strongest, most delicate, visionary, and humane collections of American poetry I know. ‘Have you ever felt/ immersed / in eternity?’ Read Gerrish, and you will.”

ALICIA OSTRIKER, author of The Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog

This stunning collection of poems from such a capable poet is a refreshing tonic to inspire and soothe our spirits. Poems that pay attention to the wonders of nature around us are particularly strong, in my opinion. I'll be reading and rereading this book whenever I need a poetic fix. And yes, readers will find a poem about that outstanding peacock on the front cover.

VIVIAN FRANSEN , author of The Straight Spouse, 9/9/2017

“As suggested by one poem’s title—‘Odes and Elegies’—Deborah Gerrish captures the love of the sacred world, while mourning her losses. Here her backwards glance at her family’s history of escape and the death of her loved
ones is balanced by her love of beauty and the mysteries of the natural world in which the everyday is extraordinary. All is suffused with a spiritual force and the taste of pomegranates.”

ANNE MARIE MACARI , author of Red Deer

“These tender and important poems explore a personal history the way a brilliant mineral vein runs through stone. Light in Light sustains a narrative that simultaneously divides and unifies voices of mothers, daughters, and parents in an American nostalgia set against the backdrop of a generation that escaped the Turkish killing fields of 1915. These poems walk the boundaries of old and new, of nature and prayer, and intuitively divine the light hidden in everything.”

SEAN NIVEN, author of Oblivio Gate